Empower your team's success with voice-driven psychometric insights

At Koios, we empower Talent and HR leaders to unlock human potential with the transformative power of Acoustic AI. By leveraging cutting-edge voice-driven psychometric insights, we revolutionise the way you understand personalities and organisations.

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Culture Labs AI personality Insights Interface previewCulture Labs AI personality Insights Interface preview

Simple, yet powerful

Our technology is designed to eliminate the requirement for self-assessment and harness the power of voice. By analysing voice markers, we deliver automated, seamless insights into personality and management. Acquire valuable information to drive success within your workplace, effortlessly.

Culture Labs AI personality Insights Interface preview
Frictionless AI personality insights - an easy to use interface.


With advanced deep learning techniques and no reliance on self-assessment, we create an engaging and personalised experience, effortlessly and cost-effectively. 

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Completely personalised insights for your company


By harnessing the power of voice and transcription, each of our insights is uniquely tailored to the individual, ensuring a truly personalised experience.

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Actionable management insights included with the system interface


Through delivering actionable management insights, we provide customised guidance on unlocking the full potential of each individual, empowering leaders to foster growth and achieve success.

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Simple to navigate

1. Choose the perfect package

Begin by selecting a package tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our array of packages offers a variety of features and analysis levels, ensuring you find the exact solution you are seeking. 

2. Invite your team

Effortlessly invite your team members to log in to our platform and dedicate a quick 90 seconds to speaking about themselves. Our powerful algorithms will analyse their voices and extract valuable personality information, equipping you with actionable insights to maximise your team's potential. 

3. Discover the insights

Empower your team's success-Our user-friendly reports provide impactful and actionable insights, granting you a clear understanding of your team's personalities, communication styles, and decision-making processes.

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