Unleash your team’s collaborative synergy with the Koios platform

The key to the success of any organisation lies in the ability to transform relationships into productivity.

All your talent insights in one place

Readily Accessible

By having all of your employees’ insights in one place, our intuitive platform enables individuals to understand how their colleagues best collaborate and how they like to communicate, leading to a more harmonious and productive workplace.


Our team function allows managers to understand the full insights of each of their team members to create a deeper understanding of how each individual works best.

Self Service

We know that organisations are constantly evolving, so our platform is designed to be easily self-managed allowing you to change the number of seats you need at any time.

Personalised Profiles

Every one of the Koios profiles is based on the Big 5 psychology model and then personalised using the transcript of what they spoke about when generating their insights.

Actionable Insights

All of our insights are designed for you to both understand yourself in detail and provide insights which are actionable.

Koios Academy

The Koios Academy is designed to be your one source of truth for everything Koios, Psychology and Data Science.